The Common Translation of the Inscribed Stone

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The Common Translation of the Inscribed Stone

Postby DJ King on Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:11 am

The common translation of the inscribed stone, supposedly found at about 90 feet [30 metres] depth in the pit by the Onslow Syndicate in about 1803, appears first in Edward Rowe Snow's True Tales of Buried Treasure (1949). Snow cites as his source the Reverend A.T. Kempton of Cambridge, MA USA. So just who was Kempton, and what is the veracity of this source?
To find out, see Richard Joltes' latest research effort at this link:
It appears Kempton got his symbols from an unnamed school teacher who in turn got their translation from an unnamed Irish teacher.
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Re: The Common Translation of the Inscribed Stone

Postby Vincent on Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:20 pm

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times people pull up the same set of symbols in relation to the so called cypher stone, look at the first word "Forty" this contains 5 letters yet the alleged cypher inscription is more often than not shown (as it is here in DJ King's link) as having 6 symbols, something that does not occur anywhere else in the cypher, therefore if the inscription did exist then the translation is wrong and always has been.
I have often seen it said that the second symbol (a triangle with 2 parallel lines passing through it) was considered a mistake by the engraver, I have always thought that IF the cypher did exist this form of assumption is nothing more than forcing things to fit your own perspective rather than attempting to discover the truth.
It would be nice to think that there was once an unusual cypher buried deep beneath OI but in all honestly I seriously doubt it, I suspect the stone may have existed to serve as a marker and that the strange markings where created only seconds before its discovery by the ends of picks and shovels.
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