Yarmouth Herald 9 Feb 1863

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Yarmouth Herald 9 Feb 1863

Postby n4n224ccw on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:14 pm

Access to information via the internet is one tool which has been most valuable for studying Oak Island. The following is one such example.

It comes from the Yarmouth Herald 9 Feb 1863. Some folks of Yarmouth were apparently very big investors and had their own representative present on the island. The Yarmouth Herald contains a good number of articles about the island, then eventually a little battle after the operations failed.

In the 9 Feb 1863 isssue, a version of the pit's discovery is mentioned which is different from the version JB McCully was promoting as based upon the story told by Anthony Vaughan Jr.

I've already shown Anthony's version as impossible when measured against the facts of deeds, poll taxes, etc. I've been saying for sometime about someone prior to the Loyalists having discovered the pit as per the story told by James DeMille in his treasure of the sea, 1870.

We can now see the folks of Yarmouth talked with someone other than Anthony Vaughan Jr. and learned of a version similar to DeMille's. The Yarmouth folks have qualified themselves with information just like DeMille.

"Believing himself to be the first resident on the island and having lived there three years alone with his family, his surprise was very great on finding the circular clover field, when no clover was supposed to grow on the island".

This version expands the list of who originally discovered the pit, but definitely excludes the Loyalists as none meet the criteria. McGinnis, Ball, Smith or anyone else post 1787.

Here is a link to the entire article. It contains some excellent information which is new to me (!) and many others. It also cast light on what McCully was telling folks about the links and the vertical wooden piles in shafts near Smith’s Cove. There is much information in this article which has never made it into any book.

http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=7y ... land&hl=en
The post Revolutionary history of Oak Island is a complex web of lies and partial truths to sort through.

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Re: Yarmouth Herald 9 Feb 1863

Postby D'Arcy on Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:35 pm


That's an interesting article. Thanks for digging it up and passing it along. The author "Paul Pry" certainly provides lots more details about the early work than "The Digger, Patrick" or McCully did.
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